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Which Is The Right CPAP Mask, Machine & Cleaner For You?

This article will give some insight on which types of masks we carry at Complete Medical Supply and which ones may suit your lifestyle along with some tips on picking your CPAP machine & cleaner.

Which CPAP mask style is right for you?


First up is the nasal CPAP mask which is a great option for first time users. This mask will only cover your nose and is typically used for higher pressure users. This CPAP mask will provide the most natural airflow throughout the night for most users. It is also great for users that move around a lot in their sleep because it does not constrict your face as much as a full face CPAP mask.


The downside for this CPAP mask can be for users who snore or tend to keep their mouth open during their sleep. Some people may have to use a chin strap to keep their mouth closed if they tend to snore but still enjoy the comfort of a nasal CPAP mask.


Full-face CPAP masks are possibly the most popular types of CPAP masks because many people tend to snore throughout their sleep or breathe from their mouths. This type of CPAP mask will keep the exerting and inhaling pressure inside the mask allowing you to stay asleep. These CPAP masks will cover both your nose and mouth area which is why many people find this CPAP mask to be a little bulky for their taste. There are many options out there for a more comfortable full-face CPAP mask. We carry silicone, gel, premium gel and memory foam cushion options.


Full-face CPAP masks are also a good choice for high pressure users because they can keep all the pressure inside the mask and provide more room for the pressure to move freely. This allows the pressure to be more tolerable throughout the night as opposed to nasal CPAP masks which will exert high pressure through just the nasal area.

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Nasal pillow CPAP masks are great for users who like something a bit less intrusive on their face. Many users who have a beard or mustache may prefer this CPAP mask because they provide cushions that go directly into your nasal passages and will not interfere as much with facial hair. These CPAP masks are also great for people who do not need a high pressure to fall asleep. If you typically breathe through your nose freely and have no problem with keeping your mouth closed then you many want to consider this lightweight CPAP mask. 


You can still choose to use this mask if you snore at night but may want to consider adding a chinstrap into the mix to keep your mouth closed.

Which CPAP machine should you pick?


When picking a CPAP machine, you'll have to ask your doctor or sleep study specialist whether you need a Bi-PAP or CPAP machine. In simple terms, a Bi-PAP machine will offer two separate pressures while a CPAP machine will be set for one fixed pressure. Once you figure out which type of machine you may need, you're free to shop around for the best product unless otherwise noted by your doctor.

We could list all the different types of CPAP machines on the market but we're very confident in this one. The Airsense 10 Auto CPAP machine is our favorite CPAP unit on the market. It's easy to use, has great reviews and can automatically set your pressure for you if needed. This unit is intended for home use and will come with a humidifier, CPAP tubing, power outlet, manual and carrying case. If you need a fixed pressure then we can help set that pressure for you in-store before you leave. 

Which CPAP cleaner should you pick?

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With the growing popularity of CPAP machines, it was only a matter of time until companies began to develop CPAP cleaners to keep your unit, tubing & mask clean of any bacteria. With so many options and different cleaners on the market its tough to navigate through which ones are better than others. Cleaners truly depend on preference for the users and how much they'd like to spend. 

There's no shame in using the old school methods of hand washing and mixing your own solutions to clean out CPAP items but these can take time. Although you should always continue wiping your items down by hand, you can certainly rely on a few CPAP cleaners to put a shining finish to your CPAP devices. 

We've tried many cleaners ourselves but the Lumin UV Light CPAP Cleaner has been the most affordable, simple & quick method to sanitize these items. UV light has been proven to be an effective method to sanitize not only your mask and humidifier but also small items like your phone case and keys.