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CPAP Rentals

How To Reserve A Rental in 2 Steps:

Step 1Choose a rental period based on weekly or monthly rates

Step 2Call (713) 880-4000 and reserve your rental today by giving us your contact information, rental period and payment method. All orders are placed according to availability. Same day rentals available in many cases.

NoteRentals can also be reserved by visiting our location at 1714 West 18th Street in Houston TX 77008 at the corner of Ella Blvd and 18th Street in the Heights Area. We are in the same plaza as Hughies Vietnamese Grille across from Foodarama.

What is included in my rental?

This device comes with a carrying case, power outlet charger, filter, tubing adapters and also international power outlet inverters. Due to sanitary reasons, you will have to purchase your own CPAP tubing and also a CPAP mask. You may use your own tubing and mask if you already have those available. This device does not come with a humidifier. This device is FAA approved and able to carry on airlines.

Why Choose This CPAP Machine?

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we provide the Transcend Auto CPAP Machine by Transcend for rental purposes. This machine is designed for travel because of its lightweight and portable structure. We have chosen this machine because we know that most people need to rent a CPAP machine that is simple to use and on-the-go without all the hassle and confusing numbers. This device has a simple On/Off switch and that is ALL you need to worry about. No other buttons, numbers or indicators. Simply On/Off.

This machine has an AUTO feature which allows it to set its own pressure calibration based on each user’s breathing habits. This makes it easier for the user so they do not have to calibrate the pressure settings manually.

If your doctor has prescribed you to have a certain calibration and you can ONLY use that calibration setting then this machine may not be for you due to your physician's requirements.