Orthopedic Knee Braces | Back Braces & More

Why Choose Our Orthopedic Products?
Here at Complete Medical Supply, we have trusted a few major brands for your orthopedic needs which include: 
FLA Orthopedics 
- Ovation Medical 
- Jobst
- Medi USA 

The reason we have chosen these brands is because of their customer service, quality and cost-effectiveness compared to other brands. We know that we cannot satisfy 100% of people but with our continuous support and feedback from customers, we will try to get close.

We carry a variety of products that include:
- Posture Control Braces 
- Clavicle Supports/Shoulder Braces 
- Lumbar Sacral Supports 
- Abdominal Binders 
- Rib Belts 
- Hernia Briefs 
- Arm Slings 
- Post OP Shoes 
- Cervical/Trach Collars  
- Ankle Supports/Braces 
- Knee Supports/Braces 
- Wrist Splints 
- Thumb Spica Splints 
- Elbow Supports 
- Arthritis Gloves 

- Orthopedic Boots/Walkers
- Carpel Tunnel Splints 
- Compression Stockings and more!

Orthopedic Supplies

At our store, we want to ensure you are happy with our product before you make your purchase so we encourage you to try on certain products to confirm the sizing and fit is comfortable for you! As an added bonus, if you feel that the product was not right for you after your purchase then you may return that item back to us (within 7 days) in the same condition and packaging that you received it (with receipt).

Don't see anything on the list? Click on the link below to check out our products page. Contact us for more details to order!

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