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Oxygen Supplies

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we know how important it is to keep oxygen on hand so that our customers will have the supply they need when they need it.


This is why we carry a large supply of oxygen cylinders/tanks. We also carry other forms of oxygen devices such as home and portable oxygen concentrators. These may eliminate your need to use tanks. Give us a call and we can explain how!

What We Carry

Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen Concentrators

Nasal/Mask Cannula

Oxygen Regulators

Extension Tubing

Humidifier Bottle

Oxygen Filters

Oxygen Accessories

White Satin

Oxygen Tank

Cost: $100 (Purchase) | $20 (Refill)



Purchase price for an oxygen tank is a one-time fee of $100. When refills are needed, bring our same oxygen tank back to us and exchange with a new one for $20.

You may also need:

Oxygen Regulator ($59.99)

Tank Key ($2.99)

Cannula Tubing ($5.99)

Typically people who need a higher pressure or flow of oxygen coming in to their lungs will need an oxygen tank. 


Oxygen tanks can usually supply users for up to 15 liters per minute flow of oxygen. The higher the setting, the quicker the oxygen will run out.

Home Oxygen Concentrator

Cost: $899.99



This will be a home oxygen concentrator. This concentrator is best managed for people who need a continuous flow of oxygen at home.

Stationary or home oxygen concentrators are common for home use because they plug into an outlet and provide a continuous flow of oxygen.


Most oxygen concentrators will only go up to a setting of 5 liters per minute but there are options available for 10 liters per minute which we can also help you with.


These oxygen concentrators are greatly recommended for sleep.

White Satin

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Cost: Call For Pricing (w/double battery)



This portable oxygen concentrator comes with a double battery, carrying case, home charger, car charger, cannula tubing and a manual. 

Portable oxygen concentrators have gained a lot of popularity for those who want to leave the house and still have freedom to do the things they love.


Many users can take these on flights and travel with them local or internationally. These concentrators typically go up to only 5 liters per minute of oxygen but have a pulse-dose mechanism to conserve battery life.

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