Buy Or Rent A Wheelchair In Houston?

1. What is the Difference Between a Wheelchair and Transport Wheelchair?

The most common difference between a standard wheelchair and transport wheelchair is that a transport wheelchair is used solely for the purpose of the caretaker pushing a person in the wheelchair while giving no option for the person in the wheelchair to push themselves. 

Transport wheelchairs are much lighter for the caretaker to easily handle and store. 

Standard wheelchairs however give the person in the wheelchair the option to control and roll themselves while also giving a caretaker the option to push them. 

Standard wheelchairs are typically much heavier than transport wheelchairs.

2. Should I Rent Or Buy A Wheelchair?

You may be looking for a wheelchair but puzzled on whether it would be better for you to buy or rent a wheelchair. Only you know your situation but we can help you decide!

If you get tired on your feet but are deciding to make travel plans then renting a wheelchair could be the right decision for you. This way, you won't break the bank and you'll have a comfortable trip.

Airlines and cruise ships will usually provide a wheelchair at the check-in but when you're off to explore, it could be helpful to take a wheelchair. Worried about the weight? Pick a transport chair for rent!

If you are a caretaker and often take your family members to the doctor's office or constantly have the need to sit down then buying a wheelchair could be the best choice for the long-term.

You could always keep renting a wheelchair for each appointment but soon enough, the rental costs would have added up to equal more than the cost of a new wheelchair!

3. How Much To Buy A Wheelchair With Us?

Standard Wheelchair (18" seat) - Purchase price $199.99. Weight of chair is around 38 lbs.

Wide Wheelchair (20" seat) - Purchase price $249.99. Weight of chair is around 38 lbs.

Extra Wide Wheelchair (22" seat) - Purchase price $349.99.

Transport Wheelchair (17" to 19" seat) - Purchase price for new transport chairs vary from $179.99 to $249.99. Weight of chair is around 15 to 19 lbs.

Lightweight Petite Wheelchair (16" seat) - Purchase price $249.99. Weight of chair is around 33 lbs.

Lightweight Standard Wheelchair (18" seat) - Purchase price $249.99. Weight of chair is around 33 lbs.

Lightweight Wide Wheelchair (20" seat) - Purchase price $299.99. Weight of chair is around 33 lbs.

Price Match Policy: We do not guarantee to match online wholesale and amazon pricing but we will match any medical supply store in the area. Please bring proof of price and the exact item must be required to match price. Many times we will beat their pricing so we are worth your while.

4. Can I Get My Wheelchair Delivered?

Yes, you can get your wheelchair delivered straight to your home! We understand that many people may be disabled or simply not have the time to stop into a shop and pickup their wheelchair. 

We make this process simple for you. Just give us your address when you call us to reserve your wheelchair rental and we will give you a rate for the delivery. 

Once the information and payment is confirmed on the phone, we will be on our way with your wheelchair rental based on your specific needs for delivery.

We can deliver wheelchair rentals on the same day in many cases based on wheelchair availability. 

You can even receive a discount on your wheelchair rental delivery charges if you tell us in advance to have it both delivered and picked up on certain days.

5. What if I Decide To Buy My Wheelchair Rental?

You can gain a real advantage by renting our wheelchairs first if you’re interested in purchasing a wheelchair later. No matter if you rent our wheelchairs for a week or a month, we will apply your 1st rental period charge to the purchase price of the wheelchair. 

6. What if I Need Parts For My Current Wheelchair?

Aside from renting wheelchairs, we also provide parts for our wheelchairs. We carry parts such as wheelchair front casters, wheelchair arm pads, wheelchair footrests and even wheelchair anti-tippers in-stock. 

Other parts such as wheelchair rear wheels, wheelchair upholstery and wheelchair carry bags need to be ordered because their sizing may vary by brand. 

If you are unsure about what parts you may need for your current wheelchair, we can provide you with alternative options or even order the part for you.

In many cases, wheelchair parts can be costly and if the pricing comes close enough, we could even give you a great deal on a new wheelchair!

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