Do You Need A Standard Walker Or Walker With Seat?

This is a very common question for most people. In this constantly changing world of medical equipment and devices, it's hard to keep up with which product is best for you. We try to keep a complete stock of various walkers and walkers with seat (also known as rollators) ready and assembled for you.

Below, you fill find a list of products that we sell at Complete Medical Supply and our opinion on which walker has been the best all around in weight, affordability, quality and more.

Best All-Around Standard Walker

Cost: $59

This standard walker is probably the most common one you will see all around town. Why do so many people have it? Because it works! This walker is great for beginner users who have a difficult time getting around the house and want to have support for their balance while walking or getting up off a chair.

This walker is also highly accessible and we carry many different accessories in-store such as trays, bags, pouches, cup holders, cane holders, baskets and more to make your life more comfortable and independent.

It will support up to 300 pounds in weight and is very lightweight to carry. We also have 2 other options in this class of walker to offer you in our showroom. Stop by to check them out.

Most Affordable Rollator

Cost: $79

The most "affordable" rollator award goes to this rollator above by Dalton Medical. This will be your most basic, standard walker with a seat. Although not full of features like other rollators, this walker will still give you the independence you wish to have. It has a basket in the front for storage along with big 8" wheels for support over rough surfaces.

The common downside to this rollator would be its weight. Although sturdy enough to roll over rocky concrete, this rollator does weigh around 16 to 17 pounds making it a good option but maybe not an option for all. Nevertheless, still a great first-time rollator to have in your home.

Most Lightweight Rollator

Cost: $99

This particular rollator wins the competition for most affordable and lightweight rollator that we offer. The smaller wheels on this rollator assist in keeping the weight of the product down to a low 11-12 pounds. This rollator also comes with a bag underneath the seat that can help the user keep any extra items for storage.

The only downside to purchasing rollators with smaller wheels may be the long-term wear and tear over rough surfaces and concrete. The wheels may be less durable than those rollators that offer larger wheels but can still be a great choice for indoor/outdoor use.

Most Trendy Rollator

Cost: $249

If you have ever looked around to notice a rollator that has always stood out, it would most likely be the Nitro Rollator by Drive. This rollator has a sleek european design and always catches somebody's eye. It has a nice padded sling-type seating and the folding mechanism is much easier than most rollators have to offer.

The larger wheels on the rollator definitely help it roll over rough surfaces yet keep the rollator lightweight at the same time. Although heavier than the rollator above, the Nitro is still coming in around the 16 pound mark for its weight and has a 300 lb weight capacity.

It would definitely be worth it to come check out this rollator in-store and see the features for yourself! We always try to keep a good stock of this popular Nitro Rollator on hand.

Most Accessible Rollator

Cost: $129

Last but not least, we would not do justice to our blog without mentioning the popular 3 wheel rollators. These rollators have gained much popularity because of their narrow width and ability to be accessible in and around small spaces in your home.

Although they do not have the luxury of a seat, they will still provide great balance for you while walking and give you the ability to move around quickly and safely. The brakes on this rollator make sure you don't let the walker get away from you.

These rollators are also unique in their folding style where they turn inwards allowing you to make the width of the rollator even more narrow for skinny hallways in your home.

For any inquiries about walker or rollators, please feel free to call or email us and we will find a better fit for your needs.

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