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1. Reserve Your CPAP Machine Rental:

Once you have decided on how long you'd like to rent your CPAP machine, give us a call with the following information and we can reserve it for you.

In order to reserve your rental, we will need a few things from you.

  • A Name

  • Phone Number / Address

  • Length Of Rental

  • Payment Method

If you decide to reserve in-store, we will also take a copy of your ID upon payment.

Common FAQ:

1. What Is Included In My Travel CPAP Rental?

This CPAP machine rental comes with a carrying case, power outlet charger, filter, tubing adapters and also international power outlet inverters.


Due to sanitary reasons, you will have to purchase your own CPAP tubing and also a CPAP mask. You may use your own cpap tubing and cpap mask if you already have those available. Just make sure they are compatible with our machine. You can bring them into the store to test it out before you make your purchase.

This device does not come with a humidifier. This device is FAA approved and able to carry on airlines. Please check with your airlines to make sure you have the necessary requirements to fly with a CPAP.

2. Why Choose This Travel CPAP Machine For Rent?

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we provide the Transcend 3 Mini Auto CPAP Machine by Transcend for rental purposes. 

This machine is designed for travel because of its lightweight and portable structure. We have chosen this machine because we know that most people need to rent a CPAP machine that is simple to use and on-the-go without all the hassle and confusing numbers. 

This device has a simple On/Off switch and that is ALL you need to worry about. No other buttons, numbers or indicators. Simply On/Off.

This machine has an AUTO feature which allows it to set its own pressure calibration based on each user’s breathing habits. This makes it easier for the user so they do not have to calibrate the pressure settings manually.

If your doctor has prescribed you to have a certain calibration and you can ONLY use that calibration setting then this machine may not be for you due to your physician's requirements.

3. Interested In A Home CPAP Machine?

Interested in a CPAP Machine other than the Travel CPAP Machine we have available? Not to worry! We also carry the latest ResMed Airsense 10 Auto CPAP Machine in-stock. 

We have done the research for you and narrowed it down to ONE CPAP machine to make your sleep apnea easier to manage. There have been great reviews and feedback on this particular Airsense 10 CPAP machine made by ResMed. 

The new design of this CPAP machine compared to the S9 allows for it to look and act more technology advanced. It has wireless capabilities which allows the CPAP machine to be able to connect wirelessly to a local cell tower. This allows your doctor to be able to monitor your device remotely. 

If that’s a little too advanced for you then don’t worry because it still has the capability of inputting an SD card on the side so you can physically bring your sleep report information to your physician for any monitoring. 

One of the greatest features of this cpap machine is that it has an AutoSet function! This feature allows the user to be able to let the cpap machine automatically adjust the pressure throughout the night according to your breathing habits.

Although the cpap machine is an autoset, this feature does not have to be turned on if you are more comfortable with setting your own pressure. 

Another feature that comes in handy with this cpap machine is the climate control functions. During winter months or even regularly, the constant exerting pressure of the cpap machine may get cold throughout the night.

This is why this cpap machine provides the ability to be able to control the heating of your tubing and your humidifier as well!

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