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1. Choose A Wheelchair To Rent:

2. Reserve Your Wheelchair Rental

Once you have decided on which wheelchair you'd like, you can decide to either pick it up from our physical store or have it delivered by one of our drivers.

In order to reserve your rental, we will need a few things from you.

  • A Name

  • Phone Number / Address

  • Length Of Rental

  • Payment Method

If you decide to pickup in-store, we will also take a copy of your ID upon pickup.

Common FAQ:

1. What is the Difference Between a Wheelchair and Transport Wheelchair?

The most common difference between a standard wheelchair and transport wheelchair is that a transport wheelchair is used solely for the purpose of the caretaker pushing a person in the wheelchair while giving no option for the person in the wheelchair to push themselves. 

Transport wheelchairs are much lighter for the caretaker to easily handle and store. 

Standard wheelchairs however give the person in the wheelchair the option to control and roll themselves while also giving a caretaker the option to push them. 

Standard wheelchairs are typically much heavier than transport wheelchairs.

2. What if I Decide To Buy My Wheelchair Rental?

You can gain a real advantage by renting our wheelchairs first if you’re interested in purchasing a wheelchair later. No matter if you rent our wheelchairs for a week or a month, we will apply your 1st rental period charge to the purchase price of the wheelchair. 

For example, if you rented a wheelchair for a month ($65) and decided to purchase the rental wheelchair, we will apply that $65 to the purchase price of that wheelchair and its yours!

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