Secure Your Independence With A Mobility Scooter

Mobility or Power Scooters as they are also named, are becoming more and more popular. With so many different scooters and power wheelchairs out on the market, it can be difficult on which to decide. This is where we try and make it easier for you!

In our store, you will find a selection of the best overall power scooters and power wheelchairs that we believe to be a good fit for majority of people. With the constant buzz and high pricing of scooters on the market, we know consumers want the best bang for their buck at the end of the day.

This is why we have chosen 3 or 4 different styles of mobility scooters that have received positive feedback for the pricing and durability of their class in our opinion!

Disclaimer: These products are recommended based on our knowledge and range of customers and may differ from other medical supply stores or areas. Nonetheless, these brands and styles are rated very well both online and in-person.

Best Overall 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Cost: $899.99

We had to start off with this popular 3-wheel mobility scooter by Golden Technologies called the Buzzaround LT. This scooter has a great price at around $899.99 and is available in our store. The most popular feature that people like about this scooter is its light weight and large footplate.

When you think of a 3-wheel scooter, you might think that it's not an option because they tend to be smaller than 4-wheel scooters and cannot accommodate larger individuals. That may be the case for many other 3-wheeler's but not this one!

Its large foot plate lets people have more room while being able to navigate through small spaces much easier. It can accommodate up to 300lbs.

Best Overall Price 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Cost: $1099.99

Rating a 4-wheeler is difficult because there are a lot of great options to choose from and many people will have a different opinion. In our opinion, the Pride Elite Traveler is a great option to save your wallet and still have some independence.

We love how light weight this mobility scooter is compared to others in its class. It will accommodate up to 300lbs and will also navigate easily through small spaces. We like this scooter so much that it is the only one that we rent!

This scooter accommodates the most amount of people which is why we have no problem renting it out for many flights, cruises and events.

Although it has a good price and quality overall, it does have some features that may not be appealing to all. Some people don't like the small clearance that this scooter offers. It is a bit low to the ground and has small wheels.

The footplate is also not as large as other mobility scooters but we believe that the light weight of the scooter really helps people the most and they tend to forget about the rest.

Best Overall Power Wheelchair

Cost: $1499.99

When it comes to power wheelchairs, there's a whole different niche of people that enjoy the freedom that a power wheelchair has to offer. The LiteRider Envy by Golden has been one of the most popular sellers for a long time. It has proven to be the lightest power wheelchair which provides the best portability for its users.

It has a great turning radius which is what appeals to most people and its joystick allows people to move more freely then the movements of a mobility scooter.

The comfortable seat and flexible footplate also make it easier for people with walkers to roll up to the seat and turn around to get seated. These wheelchairs can also be more accommodating to people in nursing homes who have to pull up to a table during dinner or get in and out of their room in a hurry.

Thinking Of Purchasing Scooters Online?

Although we try our best to keep our store stocked, if you do not find the scooter you are looking for then we still have the ability to order that scooter for you. We work with top brands in the scooter industry including Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies.

We encourage you to do your own research when it comes to mobility scooters and are well aware that people shop online.

Keep in mind that when you order scooters online, you will have to assemble heavy equipment yourselves and sooner or later shop around for the servicing of your scooter at a hefty charge.

If you choose to purchase the scooter from our location, we will waive all labor fees for servicing and can often BEAT ONLINE PRICING when negotiating.

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