What Are My Options For Woundcare In Houston?

Finding woundcare supplies in Houston or any other city can be a daunting task. For many, you have just got out of the hospital or clinic and the doctor has given you a prescription for some random product that you have no clue about. Where do you go? Who do you ask?

At Complete Medical Supply, our trained professionals will try our best to locate the product that you need and get you a quote. Many times, we will have what you need in-store but for specific situations and due to the vast range of products in medicine, we may have to order the items you need.

Keep in mind that we do not advise you on how to take the product or how many times you should use the product. This information is only available from a doctor's order and although we may advise you about the general details of the product, the usage and quantity is up to your physician.

1. What Type Of Woundcare Supplies Do We Carry?

A few of the products that we carry consist of:

  • Various Foam/Transparent/Alginate/Collagen Dressings 

  • Medical Tapes 

  • Oral Swabs 

  • Medical Ointments 

  • Petrolatum Dressings 

  • Hydrogen Peroxides 

  • Povidone-Iodine Solution/Swabs

  • Syringes/Needles 

  • Ace Bandages 

  • Cotton-Tip Applicators 

  • Abdominal Pads 

  • Sterile/Non-Sterile Gauze

  • Gauze Bandages Rolls

  • Bandaids & Suture/Staple Removal Kits 

  • Gravity Feeding Bags 

  • Tracheostomy Collars/Ties

  • Normal Saline/Wound Washes

  • Packing Strips and much more!

2. How Will Your Prescription Help Us?

Having a prescription for certain dressings and products may be necessary at times. Although we do not bill or accept any medical insurance, prescriptions can still be beneficial. Many medical supply companies are opting out of insurance for various reasons and unfortunately that may put the consumer in a difficult spot.

Prescriptions give us an idea of what you may need or at least help us guide the consumer into the right direction. Many times the insurance companies will reimburse the user for the product that they have purchased out of pocket. Usually you can file a claim and provide the insurance company with a receipt of purchase and a prescription to show them you need the product.

In other cases where we do not have the product you need in-stock, a prescription along with a detailed description or item number of the product will help us order the exact product for you. Most of the time we can get your product the next business day depending on what time you place the order with us.

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