Which Is The Right CPAP Mask, Machine And Cleaner For You?

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we have sorted out a few brands that have worked for us and our long lasting customers regarding CPAP supplies. Through trial and error, we have narrowed it down to a few brands that have been both affordable and high quality. Do not let your sleep apnea suffer for any longer! Get your necessary supplies here today.

1. Which CPAP Products Do We Carry?

We carry a variety of CPAP products in-stock which include CPAP Masks, CPAP Machines, CPAP Cleaners, CPAP Filters, CPAP Headgears, Chinstraps, Airsense 10 Power Cord, Airsense 10 Humidifier and much more.

We may not be able to guarantee the in-stock availability of your particular brand of product but we can find options to order it for you.

A few brands we work with in-stock range from ResMed, Respironics, 3B Medical and Sunset Healthcare. In such a large industry of different cpap masks, styles etc..we try our best to work with the brands that we trust. However we do recognize that many people have existing brands that they are used to and we strive to be as accommodating to that as possible.

2. What Are My CPAP Mask Options?

You can demo our ResMed Nasal, Full-Face and Nasal Pillow CPAP masks in-store before you choose to buy them! We carry an economy line, mid-grade and premium line of CPAP masks for you to choose from. 

The prices for CPAP masks may range from $70 to $150. 

3. How Do I Choose A CPAP Mask?

Choosing the right CPAP mask can be a daunting task. Most of the time, people prefer the mask that they used during their sleep study because that is all they have tried.

Other times, people may have been using their CPAP mask for a while now just to realize that they feel very uncomfortable while using it.

No matter your situation, you should first know the differences between certain CPAP masks so you can decide which may better fit your needs.

Nasal CPAP Mask:

First up is the nasal CPAP mask which is a great option for first time users. This mask will only cover your nose and is typically used for higher pressure users. This CPAP mask will provide the most natural airflow throughout the night for most users.

It is also good for users that move around a lot in their sleep because it does not constrict your face as much as a full face CPAP mask.

The downside for this CPAP mask can be for users who snore or tend to keep their mouth open during their sleep. Some people may have to use a chin strap to keep their mouth closed if they tend to snore but still enjoy the comfort of a nasal CPAP mask.

Full-Face CPAP Mask:

Full-face CPAP masks are possibly the most popular types of CPAP masks because many people tend to snore throughout their sleep or breathe from their mouths. This type of CPAP mask will keep the exerting and inhaling pressure inside the mask allowing you to stay asleep.

These CPAP masks will cover both your nose and mouth area which is why many people find this CPAP mask to be a little bulky for their taste. There are many options out there for a more comfortable full-face CPAP mask. We carry silicone, gel, premium gel and memory foam cushion options.

Full-face CPAP masks are also a good choice for high pressure users because they can keep all the pressure inside the mask and provide more room for the pressure to move freely.

This allows the pressure to be more tolerable throughout the night as opposed to nasal CPAP masks which will exert high pressure through just the nasal area.

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask:

Nasal pillow CPAP masks are great for users who like to have something a bit less intrusive on their face. Many users who have a beard or mustache may prefer this CPAP mask because they provide cushions that go directly into your nasal passages and will not interfere as much with facial hair.

These CPAP masks are also great for people who do not need a high pressure to fall asleep. If you typically breathe through your nose freely and have no problem with keeping your mouth closed then you many want to consider this lightweight CPAP mask. 

You can still choose to use this mask if you snore at night but may want to consider adding a chinstrap into the mix to keep your mouth closed.

4. Why Choose The Airsense 10 Auto CPAP Machine?

We have done the research for you and narrowed it down to ONE CPAP machine to make your sleep apnea easier to manage. There have been great reviews and feedback on this particular Airsense 10 CPAP machine made by ResMed. 

The new design of this CPAP machine compared to the S9 allows for it to look and act more technology advanced. It has wireless capabilities which allows the CPAP machine to be able to connect wirelessly to a local cell tower. This allows your doctor to be able to monitor your device remotely. 

If that’s a little too advanced for you then don’t worry because it still has the capability of inputting an SD card on the side so you can physically bring your sleep report information to your physician for any monitoring. 

One of the greatest features of this CPAP machine is that it has an AutoSet function! This feature allows the user to be able to let the CPAP machine automatically adjust the pressure throughout the night according to your breathing habits.

Although the CPAP machine is an autoset, this feature does not have to be turned on if you are more comfortable with setting your own pressure. 

Another feature that comes in handy with this CPAP machine is the climate control functions. During winter months or even regularly, the constant exerting pressure of the CPAP machine may get cold throughout the night.

This is why this CPAP machine provides the ability to be able to control the heating of your tubing and your humidifier as well!

Product Specifications:

Weight - CPAP Machine with Water Chamber: 2.75 lbs (44 oz.)

Dimensions - CPAP Machine with Water Chamber: 10.04 in L x 4.57 in W x 5.91 in H

Weight - CPAP Standard Chamber: .54 lb

Weight - CPAP Machine with Side Cover (Without Water Chamber): Approx. 2.452 lbs

Dimensions - CPAP Machine with Side Cover (Without Water Chamber): Approx. 8 in L x 4.57 in W x 5.91 in H

Dimensions - CPAP Travel Bag: 13.24 in L x 10 in W x 5 in H

Weight - CPAP Travel Bag Alone: 1.18 lb

Weight - CPAP Machine with Humidifier; Power Supply and Cord; SlimLine Tube; Travel Bag: Approximately 5.1 lbs

Weight - CPAP Machine with Humidifier; Power Supply and Cord; OPTIONAL ClimateLineAir Tube; Travel Bag: Approximately 5.25 lbs

Sound Level: 26.6 dBA

CPAP Water Chamber Capacity: 380 mL

Weight - 90W Power Supply, Cord and Plug: 1.29 lb

Dimensions - 90W Power Supply Only (Not including Cord or Plug): 5 1/2 in x 1 7/8 in x 1 1/4 in

AC Input Range - 90W Power Supply: 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 1.0 - 1.5A, Class II

DC Output - 90 W Power Supply: 24V --- 3.75A

Typical Power Consumption: 53W (57VA)

Peak Power Consumption: 104W (108VA)

CPAP Operating Pressure: 4 - 20 cm H2O (0.2 cm increments)

Length - CPAP SlimLine Tubing: 6 feet

Materials - CPAP SlimLine Tubing: Flexible Plastic

Materials - CPAP Water Chamber: Injection Molded Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone Seal

Materials - CPAP Standard Filter: Polyester non-woven fiber

Temperature Range - Optional ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tube: 60 - 80° F (16 - 30° C)

Operating Temperature: 41° F - 95° F (5° C - 35° C)

Storage and Transport Temperature: -4° F - 140° F (-20° C - 60° C)

Operating Humidity: 10% - 95% Relative Humidity, non-condensing

Storage and Transport Humidity: 5% - 95% relative Humidity, non-condensing

Operating Altitude: Sea Level - 8500 Feet (2,591 M); Air pressure range 1013 hPa - 738 hPa

Maximum Temperature - Heating Plate: 154° F (68° C)

Maximum Temperature - Cut Out: 165° F (74° C)

Maximum Gas Temperature: Less than or Equal to 106° F (? 41° C)

IEC 60601-1:2005 Classification: Class II (Double Insulation), Type BF, Ingress protection IP22

Airsense 10 Auto CPAP Machine Warranty: 2 Years

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