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We have listed a few items in-store that we currently have on SALE. These items will not always be discounted but are available for anyone who comes in-store to purchase them. For any additional questions, please contact us below.

steel rollator.jpg

Basic Rollator

Basic rollator with large wheels, front basket, brakes and a seat. Will hold users up to 250 lbs but will be heavier in overall weight

Original Price: $120


standard walker.png

Standard Walker

Your basic adult walker with wheels that provides stability for users up to 300 lbs. Aluminum frame and slides easier on surfaces

Original Price: $90


light rollator.png

Lightweight Rollator

Light rollator with small wheels, underneath bag, brakes and a seat. Will hold users up to 300 lbs but will be 13 lbs in overall weight

Original Price: $150


17' drive transport steel.jpg

Transport Wheelchair

This will be our steel transport wheelchair with a 19" wide seat. The footrests are removable. The weight capacity is up to 250 lbs. Total weight is around 25 lbs

Original Price: $230



Ostomy Bag (22771)

Cut to fit ostomy bag 22771. This is a popular bag that can be cut to fit your stoma size as needed. Great for emergencies or daily wear

Original Price: $60


airsense 11 cpap machine.jpg

Airsense 11 CPAP

The most popular CPAP machine on the market. The Airsense 11 is fully automatic and connects wirelessly with an app to give you full control

Original Price: $1199


bath bench.JPG

Shower Bench

Basic shower bench that will adhere to any bath tub or shower. Adjustable legs and padded suction cups included. Supports up to 300 lbs

Original Price: $50


commode standard.jpg

Basic Commode

Can be used as a bedside commode or as a toilet safety frame and elevated toilet seat over your existing toilet. It features a durable  welded frame

Original Price: $100


blood glucose.jpg

Glucose Meter &
Test Strips

Purchase a box of test strips for $34.99 and get the glucose test meter FREE. $50 value for $34.99

Original Price: $50


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