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Finding woundcare supplies in Houston or any other city can be a daunting task. For many, you have just got out of the hospital or clinic and the doctor has given you a prescription for some random product that you have no clue about. Where do you go? Who do you ask?


At Complete Medical Supply, our trained professionals will try our best to locate the product that you need and get you a quote. Many times, we will have what you need in-store but for specific situations and due to the vast range of products in medicine, we may have to order the items you need.


Keep in mind that we do not advise you on how to take the product or how many times you should use the product. This information is only available from a doctor's order and although we may advise you about the general details of the product, the usage and quantity is up to your physician.

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Calcium Alginate


Designed to be highly absorbent and form a gel-like covering over the wound, to help maintain a moist environment that promotes healing.

Since these dressing can get expensive, we have some "economy" options for choice.

Xeroform Petrolatum


Contains 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate to provide bacteriostatic properties and help to reduce risk of infection and deodorize the wound.

We carry xeroform in both 1x8 and 5x9 sizes. We can order more upon request.

Gauze Bandage Rolls

Made of 100% washed fluff cotton gauze the bandage rolls offers superior performance. Open, crinkle weave provides quick wicking, maximum absorbency, and greater aeration

Oral Foam Swabs

For gentle and effective daily oral cleaning. You can get them treated with dentrifice or untreated. Buy as many as 250 or as little as 1.​

Syringes / Needles

We have a great selection of needles and syringes which can range from 1cc syringes to 30g needles. Stop by and tell us what you need.​

Saline / Wound Cleansers

We carry many different types of wound cleansers, skins cleansers and saline in-stock. ​

Foam Dressings

Highly conformable and remains intact on skin. Maintains a moist wound environment to help promote better healing.

We carry various types of foam dressings in different sizes.

Abdominal Pads

Non-woven outer fabric with inner cellulose tissue construction that helps provide maximum moisture barrier.

We carry both 5x9 and 8x10 sizes in-stock at all times.

Catheter Supplies

We carry a wide range of catheter supplies which include drainage bags, foley and self catheters, stat locks, leg bags and much more.

Ostomy Supplies

We pride ourselves in our selection of ostomy products. Although ostomy ranges over 100,000 products we try our best to keep popular ones in-stock including a GREAT price for the popular 22771 cut to fit bag.​

Medical Tapes

We carry many different types of medical tapes that can adhere to themselves or to your skin softly.​

Transparent Film


Provides a waterproof, sterile barrier to external contaminants including liquids, bacteria and viruses.


Gentle to the skin, yet holds catheters and other devices in place.

Antiseptic Swabsticks

We carry many different types of swabsticks including alcohol and povidone. 

Come check out our stock and buy as many as 50 or as little as 1.

Wound Ointments

We carry many different ointments to help the healing process of your wound. They can be as simple as neosporin or as specific as medihoney.​

Sterile / Non-Sterile Gauze

One of our most popular products will include sterile/nonsterile gauze. We carry both 2x2 and 4x4 sizes in-stock including split gauze as well.​

Trach Supplies

We carry trach ties and collars in-stock. Other trach supplies may have to be specially ordered for you depending on the size/quantity you may need.​

Frequently Asked 
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What If You Don't Have What I Need?

Many times, your doctor will give you a list of unusual supplies that you may not have heard of. This is not a problem as we can help you order the supplies you need or at least get you a quote!

Since there are millions of products out there, it would help us greatly if we could receive a photo or item number of what you need and we will take care of the rest. Our experienced staff is here for you.

Do I Need A Prescription?

Having a prescription for certain dressings and products may be necessary at times. Although we do not bill or accept any medical insurance, prescriptions can still be beneficial. Many medical supply companies are opting out of insurance for various reasons and unfortunately that may put the consumer in a difficult spot.


Prescriptions give us an idea of what you may need or at least help us guide you in the right direction. Many times the insurance companies will reimburse the user for the product that they have purchased out of pocket. Usually you can file a claim and provide the insurance company with a receipt of purchase and a prescription to show them you need the product.


In other cases where we do not have the product you need in-stock, a prescription along with a detailed description or item number of the product will help us order the exact product for you. Most of the time we can get your product the next business day depending on what time you place the order with us.

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Do We Price Match?

We try our best to price match retailers in our area and even beat their price if we can! We are confident our prices are already lower than many of our competitors and if they're not then let us know. We will also try our best to beat online pricing or at least come close to it. 

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