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Hospital Bed 

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we provide our customers with quality hospital beds for home-care use. These hospital beds come in a full-electric option with your choice of half length or full length bed rails and a standard spring mattress.


We have the ability to provide you with a brand new hospital bed or a used rental hospital bed for your long-term or temporary use.

Other products that are often used with hospital beds that we can also provide, include spring/foam mattresses, overbed tables, mattress overlays, hospital bed sheets, bed rails and more.


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Due to COVID-19, all of our hospital bed rentals are subject to availability and are only available for monthly rental terms. This ensures that we have enough time to be able to properly sanitize our equipment for the next user. Even if beds are available, there may be a 2-3 day lead time for us to schedule your delivery & setup.


We hope that we can go back to our regular procedures but with the heavy volume and turnover, this is the safest way we can handle our rental procedures. 

Full Electric 

Hospital Bed

This will be your fully electric TWIN XL hospital bed with all function controlled by a remote.

Rental comes with bed rails & spring mattress. Delivery & setup fee is $50 for inside beltway 8 and starting at $75 for outside.

Weekly: N/A

Monthly: $220

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Therapeutic Foam


This mattress is an optional upgrade to your hospital bed and will provide for more comfort with its built-in foam layers.

Weekly: $30

Monthly: $70

Overbed Table

This overbed table will be a popular option to add-on to the convenience of a hospital bed.

It will allow users to have items more accessible to them while in the bed.

Weekly: $35

Monthly: $75


Gel Overlay

This overlay is an optional upgrade and will provide a gel layer that you can simply attach on top of your existing mattress for more comfort.

Weekly: $30

Monthly: $70

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Spring Mattress

This spring mattress comes included with your hospital bed rental. It is a standard Twin XL mattress

Included In Bed

Rental Price

Frequently Asked 

What is the Difference Between a Semi Electric and Full Electric Hospital Bed?

The main difference is that a “full electric” hospital bed is motorized for the bed up and down features and a “semi electric” hospital bed has a crank to raise and lower the entire bed. 

Both semi electric and full electric hospital beds have a remote to raise

and lower the headrest and footrest.

What Size Is Our Hospital Bed?

If you're wondering what your hospital bed will look like before it enters your home or facility then we don't blame you! This may be new to you and we understand that you need to prepare your space before you can plan for this hospital bed. All beds are setup and disassembled by our expert drivers. Do not try to disassemble the hospital bed yourself. 


Other specifications for the hospital bed include:

The dimensions of both a semi electric and full electric hospital bed are 80 (L) x 36 (W) : TWIN XL. Easy to transport with a foot section that weighs just 42 lb. (19 kg), plus an improved remote with large buttons allows for easier patient use. Semi electric hospital beds include a manual crank to raise and lower the bed between 15 to 20 inches from off the ground and support up to 450 lbs


Full electric hospital beds also have the same height adjustments and support the same weight but include the adjustable features all on the remote. Hospital Beds include 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters for ease of transport

Should I Buy Or Rent A

Hospital Bed?

This common question solely depends on your personal situation. It all comes down to needing the bed for temporary or long-term use. Most people need a hospital bed after a recent surgery and after coming back home.


Hospital beds provide users with the ability to adjust the head, leg and height portion of the entire bed similar to a regular adjustable bed. The rails on the bed keep users safely inside the bed and prevent users from falling out. They also provide good support for getting in and out of the bed.


If you are unsure of your situation and don't know how long you will need the hospital bed for then renting the bed may be a better option. Check out our rentals page for more information on the cost of the hospital bed rental.


If you may need the hospital bed for more than 3 or 4 months then it may be a better option to buy a hospital bed since your rental cost over that period may come close to the purchase price of a new bed.