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How To Reserve A Rental in 3 Steps:  

Step 1: Pick your choice of rentals from the options above (read below for difference between the beds)

Step 2: Choose a rental period based on weekly or monthly rates

Step 3: Call (713) 880-4000 and reserve your rental today by giving us your contact information, rental period and payment method. All orders are placed according to availability. Same day rentals available in many cases.

Note: Rentals can also be reserved by visiting our location at 1714 West 18th Street in Houston TX 77008 at the corner of Ella Blvd and 18th Street in the Heights Area. We are in the same plaza as Hughies Vietnamese Grille across from Foodarama.

What is included in my rental?

Whether you choose a semi electric or full electric hospital bed, both packages come with a spring mattress and your choice of half or full length bed rails. 

  • If a spring mattress won’t do the trick then we give you the option to upgrade to our therapeutic foam mattress. Pricing listed above.
  • Delivery, setup and pickup is completed by our team based on your confirmed rental period. Delivery charges are $50 for residence inside the beltway 8 and $75 for outside the beltway 8.

What is the difference between a semi electric and full electric hospital bed?

The main difference is that a “full electric” hospital bed is motorized for the bed up and down features and a “semi electric” bed has a crank to raise and lower the entire bed. 

  • Both semi electric and full electric beds have a remote to raise and lower the headrest and footrest.

How can I purchase a hospital bed?

To purchase a hospital bed you can directly give us a call or visit our location for more details. 

  • Semi electric hospital bed packages cost $899.99 and come with your choice of half/full length rails. They also include a spring mattress. 
  • To upgrade to a foam mattress with the purchase of the bed, the cost is $149.99. To purchase the mattress separately, the cost is $249.99.
  • Full electric hospital bed packages include the same deal for mattress and rails as the semi electric but cost around $1099.99 for purchase.
  • To purchase a new spring mattress separately the cost is $179.99
  • To purchase a new therapeutic foam mattress separately the cost is $249.99
  • To purchase a new pair of half/full length bed rails the cost is $129.99
  • To purchase a gel overlay, the cost is $199.99
  • To purchase an overbed table, the cost is $89.99
  • To purchase an IV pole, the cost is $49.99

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