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Since 2007, we have strived to be the #1 medical supply store in Houston, Texas. Our central location in the Heights gives us the benefit of interacting with all sorts of people in Houston and gathering the best feedback for your assistance.

Our walkers & rollators all come with a lifetime warranty on the frame of the product. We carry a wide selection catering to all sizes of people. Come visit our showroom at the corner of West 18th Street & Ella Blvd or give us a call for more information.


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standard walker.png

Standard Walker

This walker is great for beginner users who have a difficult time getting around the house and want to have support for their balance while walking or getting up off a chair.

It will support up to 300 pounds in weight and is very lightweight to carry. We also have 2 other options in this class of walker to offer you in our showroom. Stop by to check them out


standard rollator.png

Standard Rollator

The most "affordable" rollator award goes to this rollator above by Dalton Medical. This will be your most basic, standard walker with a seat.


Although not full of features like other rollators, this walker will still give you the independence you wish to have. It has a basket in the front for storage along with big 8" wheels for support over rough surfaces.


light rollator.png

Lightweight Rollator

This particular rollator wins the competition for most affordable and lightweight rollator that we offer. The smaller wheels on this rollator assist in keeping the weight of the product down to a low 11-12 pounds. This rollator also comes with a bag underneath the seat that can help the user keep any extra items for storage


nitro rollator.png

Nitro Rollator

The larger wheels on the rollator definitely help it roll over rough surfaces yet keep the rollator lightweight at the same time. Although heavier than the rollator above, the Nitro is still coming in around the 16 pound mark for its weight and has a 300 lb weight capacity.


nitro hd rollator.jpg

Nitro HD Rollator

This rollator is one of the best when it comes to heavy duty and durability. The wide seat and shock absorbers will accomodate users up to 450 lbs.


Upright Walker

This upright walker is great for people with balance or posture issues. Although it does require some balance, this walker will keep you walking straighter and upright. It also folds easily and has a seat. Suitable for individuals up to 250 lbs and 5 foot 10 inches.


3 wheel.jpg

3 Wheel Rollator

Although they do not have the luxury of a seat, they will still provide great balance for you while walking and give you the ability to move around quickly and safely. The brakes on this rollator make sure you don't let the walker get away from you.


Transport Rollator 

This rollator is very versatile because it allows the user to have the option of a rollator or transport chair. They can push it themselves as a rollator or sit down and rest their feet on the footrests to allow someone to push them from the back effectively.


lifestyle rollator.jpg

Lifestyle Rollator

Lifestyle has created a great rollator with a comfortable padded seat and large backrest. This rollator folds easily and provides multiple options for adjustability on the handles and seat.


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