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Padded Toilet Seat

Product Highlights:
padded toilet seat in houston


  • The Padded Toilet Seat in 2" provides comfort on the toilet seat. It is made of high density foam and reduces pressure on sensitive areas. It attaches easily to the toilet seat with four adjustable Velcro straps to prevent shifting. The vinyl material is easy to clean. Fits most toilet seats.

  • GIVE YOUR TOILET SEAT A CUSHION & RISER with a 2” thick toilet pad attachment. The foam cushion minimizes pressure on sensitive areas and provides added comfort. Cushion will compress giving variable elevation depending on weight of user.

  • DURABLE VINYL COVER has a zipper closure and is easy to clean.

  • EASILY ATTACHES to toilet seat with four adjustable Velcro straps to secure and prevent shifting.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT on Standard and Elongated toilet seats.

  • DIMENSIONS: 14"W x 15.75"D x 2"H. Weight capacity: 250 lb

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