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CPAP Machine

Looking to rent a CPAP machine in Houston? At Complete Medical Supply we provide you with a portable option for your rental. Based on availability you can rent a CPAP machine weekly or by the month. Review our rates below or call us for more information.

Our CPAP Machine Rental

ResMed Airsense 10 Auto

At our location, we provide you with the only option we trust. This CPAP machine is quiet, simple to use and is the same one we offer for sale. Rent before you buy.

Weekly: $85

Monthly: $185

Frequently Asked 

How Do I Reserve A CPAP Machine For Rent?

Once you have decided on how long you'd like to rent the CPAP machine, you can pick it up at our location if it's available.


In order to reserve your rental, we will need a few things from you.


  • A Name

  • Phone Number / Address

  • Length Of Rental

  • Payment Method


If you decide to pickup in-store, we will also take a copy of your ID upon pickup.

What Is Included In My CPAP Machine Rental?

Your CPAP machine rental will come with your Airsense 10 Auto Device, it's power cable, manual, humidifier and carrying case. In order to use the CPAP machine, you will need to have your own CPAP mask and CPAP tubing. If you don't have these items already you can choose to purchase one or both at our store. These items will not be included in the rental for sanitary reasons. We will also setup the machine to your prescribed pressure OR you can choose to use its "auto" function and it'll automatically adjust to your breathing habits.