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Book Dog Oxygen Rentals in Houston

Learn more about how oxygen for dogs in Houston will work for you. We've been providing oxygen solutions for families since 2007 and we know a thing or two when it comes to getting the care you need. Get the care your pets deserve! Contact us below.

home oxygen concentrator.jpg

Home Oxygen Concentrator (5 Liter)

Best option for continuous 24/7 use. Typically attaches to chamber or mask

Weekly: $100

Monthly: $225

dog oxygen cage.jpg

Dog Oxygen

Best option for dogs up to 25lbs to get oxygen without direct need for mask

Weekly: $125

Monthly: $300

dog oxygen mask.jpg

Dog Oxygen

Best option for dogs to get direct oxygen. Will need to hold up to dog's nose

Purchase: $60

dog pulse oximeter.jpg

Dog Oxygen
Pulse Oximeter

This device allows users to monitor animal's pulse rate and oxygen levels

Weekly: $35

Monthly: $85

Tips for Dog Oxygen Therapy at Home

How it Works

What is Oxygen Therapy for dogs?
Oxygen therapy for dogs is the act of supplementing the air the dog breathes with medical-grade oxygen. This is necessary in many cases where the dog has difficulty breathing and has difficulty absorbing oxygen or transporting that oxygen throughout the body. Increasing the amount of oxygen your dog breathes will help increase the oxygen supply to other body tissues in the animal due to disease or injury.

Oxygen is very important, and depending on the severity of the hypoxia, the dog can experience cell failure, organ failure, or death. Providing an animal with supplemental oxygen can mean the difference between life and death. For those who are critically ill, this is a life-saving therapy used to stabilize the animal and make them well enough to undergo diagnostic tests.

Keep in mind that oxygen for dogs should be prescribed by a veterinarian. Oxygen may not always be the solution for your pet so it's important to receive proper instruction from the vet to explore your options. Oxygen may not always save your dog's life either but can help to stabilize them at home or before a major surgery at a proper hospital or clinic.

How does the Oxygen Therapy process work?
There are a few different treatment plans that are available and you should do your own research to find which treatment plans may work for your situation. At Complete Medical Supply, we like to provide oxygen therapy with the use of an oxygen concentrator and a dog oxygen mask. Read more below on how our process works.

Our Process

oxygen for dog

Step 1:

Get a prescription from a veterinarian confirming that oxygen therapy is the right treatment plan for your pet

dog oxygen

Step 2:

Email us or walk-in to our store showing us what you need for your pet. We will confirm if our services will be the right fit 

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Step 3:

If confirmed, we will set you up with the necessary oxygen supplies for your pet. Please contact us for pricing & availability

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