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Home Oxygen Concentrators 

We carry home oxygen concentrators in Houston for your oxygen therapy needs. These simple oxygen devices will help your therapy by filtering their own oxygen so that you can use it continuously at your convenience

Product Highlights:


  • 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator - $899

  • 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator - $1799

  • Nasal Cannula/Oxygen Mask - $6

  • Humidifier Bottle - $7

  • Extension Tubing - $7 

  • Pulse Oximeter - $30

How does buying a home oxygen concentrator in Houston work?

If this is your first time buying or using oxygen concentrators then don't worry we are here to help! The first step should always be to consult your doctor to ensure that oxygen therapy is right for you. Once you've crossed that hurdle, stop by our showroom in the Heights and we will walk you through. 


What are home oxygen concentrators?

While portable oxygen concentrators are ideal for short-term excursions and longer travel, home oxygen concentrators are designed for long-term home use.

Home oxygen concentrators have two major advantages:

  • They don't demand a lot of power.

  • They do not need battery or tank replacements.

Home oxygen concentrators connect into a standard wall socket and only add 5–10% to your monthly power consumption (1). They can also supply continuous oxygen 24 hours a day without the need for tanks or batteries to be changed.

Home oxygen concentrators function by separating oxygen molecules in the air from nitrogen molecules, resulting in a concentrated gas that contains 90–95 percent pure oxygen. Normally, the air we breathe contains 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

Specs of Dalton Home Oxygen Concentrator:

  • 5 liter

  • Lightweight compact design (33 lbs.)

  • Oxygen sensing device standard on every unit

  • Noticeably quiet operation

  • Dimension: 13”W x 10.24”D x 21.26”H

  • O2 Purity %: 93% ± 2%

  • Sound level: 50 dB

  • Flow Rate Range: 0.5 LPM - 5 LPM

  • Output Pressure: 5.51 PSI ± 0.73 PSI

  • Warranty: 3 Years 

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