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Here at Complete Medical Supply, we have sorted out a few brands that have worked for us and our long lasting customers regarding incontinence supplies, adult diapers and more. Through trial and error, we have narrowed it down to a few brands that have been both affordable and high quality.

We have a range of adult diapers in both TABS and PULL-UPS. We provide a variety of options from basic absorbency to maximum and overnight protection. For your convenience, we also sell adult diapers by the case at a discounted price so that you will have a sufficient supply for the long run. 

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Adult Diapers / Briefs

We carry various adult diapers in sizes from small to 3X and also in different absorbency from basic daytime to overnight.

Male & Female Urinals

We will carry both male and female urinals in-stock.

Catheter Supplies

We carry a wide range of catheter supplies which include drainage bags, foley and self catheters, stat locks, leg bags and much more.

Disposable & Reusable 

Bed Pads

Bed pads are a very popular item and almost an essential for any household with seniors or even pets. These disposable pads are great for absorbing liquid. 

You can choose to get disposable bed pads or reusable ones that you can wash.

No Rinse Wipes & Bottles

No rinse products such as wipes, bottles and shampoos are becoming very popular due to more people becoming bedridden or immobile. These products will remove the need for water when taking care of your loved ones.

Ostomy Supplies

We pride ourselves in our selection of ostomy products. Although ostomy ranges over 100,000 products we try our best to keep popular ones in-stock including a GREAT price for the popular 22771 cut to fit bag.​

Incontinence Creams & Moisturizers

We carry various moisturizers and creams for skin, irritation, bed sores and more. Browse our selection! We are competitive with larger retailers such as Walmart & CVS.

Bed Pans & Sitz Bath

We carry both sitz bath and bed pans in-stock.

Frequently Asked 
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What If You Don't Have What I Need?

Many times, your doctor will give you a list of unusual supplies that you may not have heard of. This is not a problem as we can help you order the supplies you need or at least get you a quote!

Since there are millions of products out there, it would help us greatly if we could receive a photo or item number of what you need and we will take care of the rest. Our experienced staff is here for you.

Do We Price Match?

We try our best to price match retailers in our area and even beat their price if we can! We are confident our prices are already lower than many of our competitors and if they're not then let us know. We will also try our best to beat online pricing or at least come close to it. 

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