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inogen one g5
inogen one g5

Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

We carry the Inogen One G5 because it is one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. It weighs around 7 pounds (with a double battery) and has pulse levels 1-6 with a battery life of up to 13 hours.

Product Highlights:

The Inogen One G5 Oxygen Concentrator comes with:

  • Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Unit

  • AC Power Supply

  • DC Power Supply

  • 16-cell Double Battery

  • Protective Carrying Case

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Tubing

  • Filter

  • Manual

  • 3 year Warranty 

Introducing the Newest Addition to Our Esteemed Line of Portable Oxygen Concentrators: The Inogen One G5

This robust and versatile concentrator offers 1 to 6 flow settings in a lightweight design, weighing under 5 pounds. With Intelligent Delivery Technology, it ensures continuous oxygen delivery, producing up to 1260 ml of oxygen 24/7.

Experience extended battery life, seamless connectivity through Inogen Connect, a user-friendly LCD screen, and whisper-quiet operation. The Inogen One G5 is a pioneering advancement in portable oxygen concentrators, perfect for any setting.

Operating on pulse dose technology, the Inogen G5 adapts to your needs, delivering oxygen concentrations around 90% efficiently. Its Intelligent Delivery system dynamically adjusts oxygen levels based on activity levels, providing quick bursts of oxygen during high physical exertion.

Measuring at just 7.19 inches wide x 3.26 inches deep x 8.15 inches high, the Inogen G5 is one of the most wearable portable oxygen concentrators available. Its long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries ensure extended use, with the single battery lasting up to 4.5 hours and the double battery up to 9 hours. Plus, with a speedy recharge time of around 4 hours for the small battery and 8 hours for the large battery, you'll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying life.

At only 39 decibels, the Inogen G5 operates quieter than a typical indoor conversation, ensuring discretion and comfort. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to seamless oxygen therapy with the Inogen One G5, your ideal portable oxygen concentrator for any situation.

Travel-Friendly and Easy User Interface

This travel oxygen concentrator is designed for user independence as a wearable concentrator that is compact and lightweight. The concentrator's size with the carrying bag makes it discreet to tote around. It's smaller than comparable portable oxygen concentrators that offer the same performance.


The carrying bag fits the concentrator perfectly, with a flap to view the LCD screen and access the control buttons. The interface is easy to read and understand, with push buttons to power the unit, update flow settings, and more.


  • Weight: 7.47 lbs (double battery) & 6.48 lbs (single battery)

  • Dimensions: 8.5” H x 3.26“ D x 7.19” L

  • Flow Rate: Pulse Flow Settings 1-6

  • Battery Life: Pulse Flow Up To 13 Hours (Setting 1)

  • Noise Level: 38 Decibels

  • FAA Approved: Yes

  • Warranty: 3 Years

Low to Medium Priority Indicators

The user-friendly display on the Inogen One G5 offers convenient monitoring of vital functions including battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and alert volume. Intuitive sets of icons provide instant feedback on the presence of an external power source and the remaining battery level. Should the battery life dip to 10 minutes, a lower priority alert will sound, prompting you to seek an alternate power source or battery. Fortunately, with a double battery on pulse setting 2, the Inogen One G5 can deliver over 10 hours of power, making instances of low battery levels rare.

During regular breathing, a reassuring green light illuminates with each detected breath. The intelligent system of the Inogen One G5 seamlessly adapts to rest, activity, and sleep without causing unnecessary alerts. Should there be a lapse of breath detection for 60 seconds, indicating a potential issue with connectivity or cannula placement, a medium priority alert will sound.

High Priority Alerts

The Inogen One G5 employs a combination of visual and audible alerts for high priority issues, ensuring they are impossible to overlook. In the event of battery depletion, extreme temperature exposure, or battery overheating, a flashing yellow light accompanied by a series of five beeps, repeated every ten seconds, will alert you. Detection of multiple alert conditions also triggers a high priority alert. While using an oxygen concentrator requires caution, adhering to safety guidelines allows you to confidently utilize your Inogen One G5.

Adjustable Settings

Breath detection audible alerts can be easily toggled on and off, while the volume of priority alerts can be adjusted from levels 1 to 4 but cannot be silenced. Beeps accompanied by flashing lights denote the highest priority alerts, indicating conditions requiring immediate attention. Utilizing advanced algorithms and time delays, the Inogen One G5 minimizes the likelihood of false alerts while ensuring you remain informed about potential issues.

Display Icons

The LCD screen of the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator showcases an array of icons, including power status, mode, and informational notifications, providing comprehensive visibility into device functions.

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