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Mobility Scooter

Looking to rent a mobility scooter in Houston? At Complete Medical Supply we provide you with a portable option for your rental. Based on availability you can rent a mobility scooter weekly or by the month. Review our rates below or call us for more information.

Our Mobility Scooter

Gogo Elite Traveller

At our location, we provide you with the only option we trust. This scooter is very portable and easy to transport. It will come apart in 4 pieces and accommodate up to 280 lbs weight capacity. The battery is rechargeable and you can travel up to 7 miles on one full charge.

Weekly: $85

Monthly: $300

Frequently Asked 

How Do I Reserve A Mobility Scooter For Rent?

Once you have decided on how long you'd like to rent the scooter, you can decide to either pick it up from our physical store or have it delivered by one of our drivers.


In order to reserve your rental, we will need a few things from you.


  • A Name

  • Phone Number / Address

  • Length Of Rental

  • Payment Method


If you decide to pickup in-store, we will also take a copy of your ID upon pickup.

What Is Included In My Mobility Scooter Rental?

Your mobility scooter rental includes a basket, battery pack and charger. Scooter rentals are based on availability. These mobility scooters are FAA approved to travel on airlines and cruise ships. Since the weight of the entire mobility scooter can weigh around 100 lbs, they easily come apart in less than 1 minute for more compact storage. 


Our team will assist you in taking apart the mobility scooter so that you can manage to do it on your own with ease! The weight capacity that these power scooters can handle range from is between 250-280 lbs.

Depending on the urgency for your power scooter rental, we may be able to deliver the same day or usually within 1 business day in most cases.