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Discover Our Mobility Scooters in Houston

We offer durable mobility scooters for sale and will deliver straight to your home in Houston

Why Choose Us?

We carry quality brands with GREAT warranties!

We PRICE MATCH online & Houston dealers!

FREE demo for all mobility scooters in-store

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Mobility Scooters in Houston

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Buzzaround LT (3-Wheel)

Best quality 3 wheel mobility scooter that allows for a larger foot area compared to other 3 wheelers and accommodates up to 300lb users

golden buzzaround ex 4 wheel mobility scooter.jpg

Buzzaround EX (4-Wheel)

Heavy Duty 4 wheel mobility scooter that will fit the needs of most and has a capacity of 325 lbs. Great stability and comfortable ride with suspension

golden buzzaround lt 4 wheel mobility scooter.jpg

Buzzaround LT (4-Wheel)

Most popular 4 wheel mobility scooter that allows for most users to have a seamless ride and experience. Lightweight & 300lb weight capacity

buzzaround carry on scooter.png

Buzzaround Carry-On

Lightest and most effective mobility scooter on the market which provides handles on the side for easy lifting and the entire unit only weighs 65lbs!

literider power wheelchair.jpg

LiteRider Envy

Top of the line power wheelchair that can get around small areas in the house. Weight capacity is 300 lbs heaviest piece weighs around 37lbs!

Price Match Guarantee


Although we try our best to keep our store stocked, if you do not find the scooter you are looking for then we will order that scooter for you. We work with top brands in the scooter industry including Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. 


Keep in mind that when you order scooters online, you will have to assemble heavy equipment yourselves and sooner or later shop around for the servicing of your scooter at a hefty charge. If you choose to purchase the scooter from our location, we will BEAT ONLINE PRICING when negotiating and provide support for service requests!

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