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Oxygen Rentals

Oxygen Rentals

Oxygen Rentals

Oxygen Rentals

How To Reserve A Rental in 3 Steps:  

Step 1: Choose your oxygen rental option between an oxygen tank, stationary concentrator or portable concentrator (differences between options listed below)

Step 2: Choose a rental period based on weekly or monthly rates

Step 3: Call (713) 880-4000 and reserve your rental today by giving us your contact information, rental period and payment method. All orders are placed according to availability. Same day rentals available in many cases.

Note: Rentals can also be reserved by visiting our location at 1714 West 18th Street in Houston TX 77008 at the corner of Ella Blvd and 18th Street in the Heights Area. We are in the same plaza as Hughies Vietnamese Grille across from Foodarama. A prescription is also required for rental or purchase.

What is included in my rental?  

Oxygen Tank - If you are to choose the oxygen tank rental, we have 3 different sizing options. We have a mini portable tank (14 inches tall), medium tank (20 inches tall) and a larger tank (28 inches tall). All sizes hold a certain amount of oxygen and come with a regulator (device needed to adjust the liter flow of oxygen) and also a tank key (device needed to turn the tank on and off). If this is your first time using the tank, you can ask our team to show you a demo on how to properly use the tank. Purchase prices of the tank are also available. Call (713) 880-4000 for more information.

Stationary Concentrator - This specific concentrator is primarily used in a home setting and can plug into the wall for continuous flow use. A concentrator simply filters the oxygen in the environment creating a more pure form of oxygen through the device and into your nasal passages removing the need to buy oxygen tanks and purchase refills. The concentrator goes from 1-5 LPM flow rate. Purchasing options also available and in-stock. We can price match and typically beat competitor pricing.

Portable Concentrator - This lightweight concentrator is perfect for travel meaning that it is also FAA Approved and available for use on an airline. This device acts the same way as any concentrator except it runs with a 1-5 LPM pulse dose flow meaning that the oxygen is delivered to your nasal passages once you take a breath in and does not work continuously such as the stationary. It is not recommended for overnight use. The rental comes with a shoulder carrying case for the unit, cannula tubing, a detachable battery and also a home charger and car charger. Purchasing options also available and in-stock. We can price match and typically beat competitor pricing.

How can I purchase oxygen?  

In order to purchase oxygen in any form, you will have to provide us with a doctor's prescription by bringing it to our location in person or having it emailed over to

Oxygen Tank - Purchase price for an oxygen tank is a one-time fee of $100 for any size tank. Each time you bring our same tank back to us we will provide you with a full tank or refill for $20. In order to properly use the tank you will need to purchase an oxygen regulator ($59.99), an oxygen tank key ($3.99) and also some cannula tubing ($5.99) if you don't have some already.

Stationary Concentrator - Purchase price for a stationary/home concentrator is $899.99. Cannula tubing or humidifiers are sold separately.

Portable Concentrator - Purchase price for a portable concentrator is $2399.99 which also comes with a double battery, carrying case, home charger, car charger, cannula tubing and a manual.

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