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Rent Oxygen Concentrators in Houston!

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If you or a loved one needs an oxygen concentrator or tank for a temporary period, renting one can be a great option. Use our oxygen concentrator rental service in Houston. Our rental process is hassle-free and convenient, making it easy for you to get the oxygen assistance you need. 

Oxygen Rental Rates

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Oxygen Tank

Renting an oxygen tank can be useful because the rental price includes a regulator and key along with the tank. It will save you money if you need oxygen temporarily. If tanks are empty during your rental period, there will be a $20 fee for refills.

Weekly: $60

Monthly: $140

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Portable Oxygen

Although only pulse-dose this concentrator will allow for 1 to 5 flow rate and is FAA approved for airline travel. Battery with unit can last around 4 hours (setting 2)

Weekly: $150

Monthly: $400

home oxygen concentrator.jpg

Home Oxygen
Concentrator (5 Liter)

Home oxygen concentrators will be very popular due to their continuous flow of oxygen without needing to charge or refill. This concentrator will be the best option for sleep and home-use. The flow rate will range from 1 to 5.

Weekly: $100

Monthly: $225


Portable Oxygen
Concentrator Battery

In case you are going on a long trip or just want extra battery life for your portable concentrator, we offer the option to rent an extra battery. Approx 4 hours (setting 2)

Weekly: $25

Monthly: $60

10 liter oxygen concentrator.jpg

Home Oxygen
Concentrator (10 Liter)

With the increasing role of oxygen, many users will find that their doctor has prescribed them for a rate over 5 liters. This is where a 10 liter home oxygen concentrator will serve its purpose. This unit will provide a liter flow up to 10.

Weekly: $150

Monthly: $400

tank cart.jpg

Cylinder Cart
With Wheels

If you are looking to keep your oxygen tank safe and secure then rent this useful tank cart. You can roll it around for easy portability.

Weekly: $10

Monthly: $25

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you safely use oxygen at home?

Although oxygen is a safe gas, there are still a few best practices to use when you are using oxygen at home. 


  •  You want to make sure you never smoke when using oxygen because an open flame can support the process of combustion. This also means that you have to be careful using oxygen in the kitchen when you are near a gas stove or candle.


  • You always want to store your oxygen in a temperate environment. Do not leave your oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators in a car for a long period of time. 


  • Make sure your oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator is in an upright position and does not topple over. This will ensure that your oxygen tank does not leak and will also help from causing any damage to your oxygen device.


  • You can also try taking safety measures around the house and put signs that you use oxygen indoors so workers present in the area can be aware.

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