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ResMed AirFit N20 CPAP Mask 

You can be confident that the InfinitySeal cushion will fit your face shape perfectly. In fact, 99.4 percent of ResMed AirFit N20 users have found the right fit for comfortable CPAP therapy.

Product Highlights:
  • The malleable silicone cushion of the Infinity Seal will safely secure to most facial shapes.

  • The soft pad frame minimizes creating facial marks by limiting facial touches.

  • A quick release elbow is utilized for simple and quick hose separation.

  • The low profile design allows for good vision.

  • Magnetic clips are utilized for simple adjustment.

  • Plush headgear is worn for support and comfort.

The AirFit N20 is designed to fit almost any facial shape:

  • The Airfit N20's InfinitySeal Silicone Cushions are adaptable and malleable to a broad range of face shapes and sizes. Every user receives a comfortable and sealed fit thanks to the groundbreaking seal technology of the AirFit N20 InfinitySeal Cushion.

  • Minimal facial contact results in fewer red markings.

  • CPAP users despise the red marks left by CPAP masks. The AirFit N20's more flexible frame design reduces touch to the nose and cheeks, resulting in less red marks and a more comfortable fit.

The ResMed AirFit N20 CPAP Mask is simple to clean.

  • The simple design allows you to effortlessly wash your mask and hose with soap and water for germ-free CPAP therapy. The cushion, elbow, and short tube should be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, while the headpiece and frame should be cleaned once a week.

  • Soak the ResMed N20 components for no more than 10 minutes in warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Clean the pieces with a soft bristle brush, paying special attention to the little vent holes. Rinse the pieces completely with warm, drinking water, making sure there is no dirt left behind.

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