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Why Choose Us For Your Mobility?

Here at Complete Medical Supply, we carry a full line of rollators and walking aids in-stock and assembled at all times! Purchasing a rollator (walker with seat) or a regular walker should not be a hassle. It should be exciting like buying a new car! There should be many options to choose from that fit your needs and you should be able to test drive your vehicle to see if it’s the one for you! At our location we do just that.

Our staff has taken the time to already assemble every rollator and walker out of the box so that you or your loved one can test drive their new set of wheels right on the spot. 

We try to keep a diverse selection in-stock at all times ranging from lower prices to higher end models. Our walker prices range from $79.99 to around $249.99. 

Some walkers are lighter than others, a few have more padding for the seating, some have larger wheels, some have baskets and a few have bags. We will walk with you through each one to help you find the one that you fits your needs.

A few brands that we carry include:

  • Medline
  • McKesson
  • Drive
  • Nova
  • Rose Medical
  • Stander
  • Dalton Medical

Walking Aids Rollators

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