Wheelchair Rentals in Houston

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Standard Wheelchair (18")

This will be your basic standard wheelchair with an 18" wide seat. The arms and footrests are removable. The weight capacity is up to 300 lbs.

Weekly: $35 

Monthly: $85

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Elevated Leg Rest

After surgery, you may find that you need to elevate your legs and keep them out to allow them to heal. You can choose to rent this option as an addition to your wheelchair rental. Rental costs are per each leg rest. 

Weekly: $10

Monthly: $25


Wide Wheelchair (20")

This will be your basic wide wheelchair with a 20" wide seat. The arms and footrests are removable. The weight capacity is up to 300 lbs.

Weekly: $35

Monthly: $85

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Transport Wheelchair (19")

Many times, you will need a wheelchair for quick doctor visits that may not have the need for you to wheel yourself. If you have a caretaker or someone to push you then this will be a great lightweight option for rental.

Weekly: $35

Monthly: $85

How To Reserve Your Rental

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Step 1

Choose which wheelchair you'd like to rent based on the specs provided


Step 2

Decide on the dates you'll need the rental for

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Step 3

Call or fill out the rental form below to have our staff contact you depending on our availability for the items



Manual Wheelchair

Manual or standard wheelchairs will be your basic option for a durable & easy wheelchair rental. This wheelchair rental will come included with adjustable footrests OR elevated leg rests for an additional rental cost of $10/week or $25/month for each side. These wheelchairs will support users up to 300 pounds


Transport Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs are a great lightweight option for renting a wheelchair in Houston. They are more narrow than standard wheelchairs and will support users between 250 to 300 pounds. The smaller wheels take away from someone being able to push themselves in the wheelchair but provide an easier option for caretakers to push the user. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking into the Distance

What is the difference between a standard and transport wheelchair?

The most common difference between a standard wheelchair and transport wheelchair is that a transport wheelchair is used solely for the purpose of the caretaker pushing a person in the wheelchair while giving no option for the person in the wheelchair to push themselves. 


Transport wheelchairs are much lighter for the caretaker to easily handle and store. Standard wheelchairs however give the person in the wheelchair the option to control and roll themselves while also giving a caretaker the option to push them. Standard wheelchairs are typically much heavier than transport wheelchairs.

1. Where can I rent a wheelchair in Houston?
- Our showroom is located at 1714 West 18th Street at the corner of Ella Blvd and 18th Street (Heights)
2. How long can I rent a wheelchair in Houston?
- We provide weekly and monthly rates to rent your wheelchair. If you need to extend your rental, you can easily do so by giving us a call and extending it to your desired date over the phone.
3. How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair in Houston?
- All of our wheelchairs cost the same amount for your convenience. Both transport and manual wheelchairs will be $35 per week or $85 per month. 
4. Can I buy my rental wheelchair?
- In some cases we do provide quotes for rent to own wheelchairs but this will vary on a case by case basis.
5. Can you deliver this wheelchair to me?
- In many cases we can deliver the wheelchair rental directly to your home, clinic or hotel. Delivery fees will vary based on distance and availability.
6. Can I rent this wheelchair for my cruise?
- You may definitely rent our wheelchairs for a cruise as long as you take good care of the equipment and return it back to us safely. You may be responsible for the cost of the wheelchair if it is lost or stolen.