Bath Supplies in Houston

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Shower Bench

This will be your basic bath bench suitable for most individuals with fair balance


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Tub Transfer Bench

This bench is designed to be half outside and half inside a bath tub to provide for easier assistance to slide/transfer into the tub


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Shower Chair (With Back)

This shower chair will provide a more relaxed feel and may be the most comfortable shower bench


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Shower Chair (With Arms)

The most popular shower chair for people who want a safe and stable experience and need some support to grab onto


Commodes in Houston

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Basic 3-in-1 Commode

This will be a standard commode for people weighing up to 300 lbs and will be great for next to the bedside or on top of the toilet



Padded Drop-Arm Commode

This will be a more comfortable option for the standard person weight up to 300 lbs. It will have a padded seat and drop arm feature for someone to transfer easier from left to right


folding commode.png

Folding Commode

This will be a great portable option for a standard commode. It can support up to 300 lbs and will allow the user for easy transport anywhere they'd like. The commode will fold inwards



Drop-Arm Transport
Chair Commode

This is a very unique commode that allows the user to be transported like a wheelchair in case they are more bed ridden or immobile. Functions as a bedside commode


bariatric commode.jpg

Bariatric Commode

This will be a wide commode for people weight up to 500 lbs and will also be great for next to the bedside or on top of the toilet for larger individuals



Shower Chair Commode

This commode allows the user to be transported into a standing shower while using both a bench and commode combo. All four wheels come with brakes for safer use on slipper surfaces


Toilet Risers in Houston


Toilet Riser

This will be your standard toilet riser which will increase the height of your seating from 3 to 5". Options for both elongated and standard toilets are available

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Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails are a good option for those who just need added safety and support for getting on and off the toilet. These can be easily attached without tools




Toilet Riser (With Arms)

This toilet riser will also increase the height of your seating from 3 to 5" but will provide better support with the option of removable arms




Padded Toilet Seat

The toilet riser will be more of a comfort option for those needing basic support. It will come in both 2 and 4" thickness

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Luxurious Bathroom


Bath Supplies in Houston

Buying bath supplies in Houston can be uncomfortable for some. It can be hard to describe what you're looking for without painting a visual picture for someone. This is not a problem at our medical supply store. We're not afraid to talk about bath supplies openly and keep it simple for everyone. We will even show you how to install certain bath supplies in your home. We carry various styles of bath benches, toilet risers, commodes and much more!