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oxygen tank
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Oxygen Tanks In Houston

At Complete Medical Supply, we offer oxygen tanks for purchase & rental. We typically stock 'E cylinders' which are lightweight tanks around 25 inches tall. These are a temporary but effective method to receive oxygen therapy at home

Product Highlights:


  • Oxygen Tank - $120

  • Oxygen Regulator - $60

  • Oxygen Tank Cart - $30

  • Nasal Cannula - $6

  • Tank Key - $3

  • Tank Refills - $20

How does buying an oxygen tank in Houston work?

If this is your first time buying or using oxygen tanks at home then don't worry we are here to help! The first step should always be to consult your doctor to ensure that oxygen therapy is right for you. Once you've crossed that hurdle, stop by one of our locations and we will walk you through. 

  • In our showroom, we will help your purchase an oxygen tank. Once you've purchased that tank and start using it for your therapy, the tank will eventually run out of oxygen based on your frequency of use. If the tank runs out, bring that same empty tank back to us and we will swap it out for another oxygen tank as a refill. Remember to plan out the times of your refills so that you catch us during business hours. We do not provide oxygen as an 'emergency' or after hours service. 

  • If you're missing any supplies to use the oxygen tank then we have you covered for that as well. We have oxygen regulators, nasal cannulas and an oxygen tank cart to roll your oxygen supplies with ease. 

How long will an oxygen 'E' sized tank last?

The answer for this is dependent on your liter flow. This oxygen tank holds around 679 liters of oxygen so if you use this tank at a setting of 2 liters per minute continuously then it will last around 5-6 hours. If you're using it for a few sessions at a time then it can last longer. No matter the setting, oxygen tanks are not recommended for users who need oxygen while sleeping. Check out our home oxygen concentrators for this solution.


Specs & Description:

The oxygen "E" tank is around a 3-foot-tall aluminum tank that weighs about 8 pounds and holds 2,200–3,000 PSI of compressed oxygen gas, depending on the manufacturer. An oxygen "E" tank will last about 5–6 hours if used continually at 2 liters per minute. While the oxygen "E" tank is still considered portable, it is too tall to be securely handled over long distances, therefore it is normally delivered with a cart.


Lightweight medical cylinders are far lighter than typical steel tanks, allowing for greater portability and extended gas delivery while maintaining superior structural attributes.

  • Capacity: 679 liters 4.38" Diameter x 24.9" Height

For years of dependable service, the standard finish is brushed body with green shoulder and clear coat of heat sensitive powder paint. 

Portable tanks are an excellent option for short-term use, however patients who require oxygen for extended periods of time may face considerable challenges:

  • Portable oxygen "E" oxygen tanks, with a lifespan of 5–6 hours, will not last long if used continually.

  • Under pressure, oxygen is a fire danger. While oxygen in the atmosphere only serves as a catalyst for flames, compressed oxygen enables objects that would not normally ignite to catch fire more quickly.

  • It is therefore critical to keep tanks away from any source of sparks, heat, or flame when keeping them in your house.

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