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A Comprehensive Guide to Ostomy Bag Types and Where to Buy Ostomy Supplies

drainable ostomy pouch


Living with an ostomy can be a significant life change, but it doesn't mean sacrificing a fulfilling and active lifestyle. Ostomy bags, also known as pouches, play a vital role in maintaining comfort and confidence for ostomates. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various types of ostomy bags available and provide insights on where to purchase these essential supplies.

I. Understanding Ostomy Bags

Before delving into the types of ostomy bags, it's essential to grasp the fundamental purpose they serve. Ostomy bags are medical devices that collect waste (feces or urine) from the body after a surgical procedure diverts the natural path of elimination through a stoma—a surgically created opening on the abdomen.

II. Types of Ostomy Bags

There are several types of ostomy bags, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. Understanding these options can empower ostomates to choose the right one for their unique situation.

1. One-Piece Systems

  • Description: One-piece systems consist of a single unit where the adhesive barrier (flange) and the pouch are attached together. They are convenient for their simplicity and are often preferred for their discreetness.

  • Advantages: Easy to use, low-profile design, and minimal risk of leaks.

  • Disadvantages: The entire unit needs to be replaced when changing the bag.

one piece ostomy pouch bag

2. Two-Piece Systems

  • Description: Two-piece systems consist of a separate adhesive barrier (flange) and pouch. The pouch can be easily detached from the flange for bag changes.

  • Advantages: Versatility, as the pouch can be changed without removing the flange. This reduces waste and saves money.

  • Disadvantages: Slightly bulkier than one-piece systems due to the two-component design.

two piece ostomy pouch bag

3. Closed-End Pouches

  • Description: Closed-end pouches are typically disposable and sealed at the bottom. Once filled, they are discarded.

  • Advantages: Easy to use, discreet, and suitable for special occasions or short-term use.

  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for individuals with high output or frequent emptying needs.

closed ostomy pouch bag

4. Drainable Pouches

  • Description: Drainable pouches have an opening at the bottom that can be opened and closed as needed for emptying. They are ideal for those with more frequent output.

  • Advantages: Economical, environmentally friendly, and suitable for a wide range of stoma outputs.

  • Disadvantages: Requires regular emptying and cleaning.

drain ostomy bag

5. Urostomy Pouches

  • Description: Designed specifically for urostomies, these pouches have a tap or valve at the bottom to facilitate easy urine drainage.

  • Advantages: Prevents urine from accumulating in the pouch, reducing odor and the risk of infection.

  • Disadvantages: Requires regular emptying, and the tap or valve must be handled carefully to prevent leakage.

urostomy ostomy pouch bag

III. Where to Buy Ostomy Supplies

Finding a reliable source for ostomy supplies is crucial for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some options for purchasing ostomy supplies:

1. Local Medical Supply Stores

  • Advantages: Offers a hands-on shopping experience, allows for in-person consultation with experts, and immediate access to products.

  • Disadvantages: Limited selection, potential lack of privacy, and may not always have specific brands or products in stock.

complete medical supply in houston

2. Hospitals and Clinics

  • Advantages: Some medical facilities may offer ostomy supplies directly or provide recommendations for trusted suppliers.

  • Disadvantages: Limited selection, potentially higher prices, and may require a prescription.

3. Ostomy Supply Manufacturers

  • Advantages: Directly purchasing from manufacturers can offer a wide range of product options and support resources.

  • Disadvantages: Prices may vary, and minimum order requirements may apply.


Choosing the right ostomy bag type and knowing where to buy ostomy supplies are essential steps towards managing life with an ostomy effectively. By understanding your specific needs and preferences, exploring various options, and considering both local and online sources, you can ensure a comfortable and confident lifestyle after ostomy surgery. Remember that consulting with a healthcare professional or an ostomy nurse can provide invaluable guidance in selecting the most suitable ostomy supplies for your unique situation.


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