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Established and founded in 2007.

Proudly serving the Heights & surrounding communities.

Retail storefront with stocked inventory.

Fully assembled & quality product lines.

Featured Products

Bath Bench w/ Back

This bath bench will provide a more relaxed feel and may be the most comfortable shower bench

Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails are a good option for those who just need added safety and support for getting on and off the toilet

Transport Chair

These chairs are much lighter than wheelchairs and provide great help for quick visits and travel

CPAP Masks

CPAP users and demand for supplies are on the rise. Learn about which mask may suit you best

Know Your Oxygen

With the growing demand of oxygen in 2021, you should know which types of oxygen are offered to make a well-informed decision. Learn the different options that we have to offer below.

Sleep Better

We offer a variety of CPAP products including machines, CPAP masks, cleaners, filters and more. Sleep apnea affects 1 in 3 people. Don't wait for insurance, you can walk-in and get your product today. Check out our selection below.

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According to your needs, we can deliver in the Houston area. Give us a call for a quote

Free Assembly

Most of our DME products in-store have been assembled for you so that you can walk out without the hassle of setup later

Customer Service

Our customer service goes without saying. You will always find a staff member willing to help find what you're looking for otherwise we will try our best to refer you in the right direction

Price Match

Unlike other retailers, we will price match our products with local competitors. Online pricing may vary by product and is not always guaranteed.

What Our Customers Say

We have an exceptional 4.7 rating on google along with our 5 star ratings on Yelp and other sites. We strive to improve with your feedback and support. Please feel free to click the button below and leave your honest feedback.

Well assorted store. I came looking for a neck brace/collar which no local pharmacy seemed to have in stock. All their products are reasonably cheap. The clerk seemed knowledgeable about the products in stock made it easy for me to get what I needed quickly.

Carlos Rueda

They were a delight to work with. Not only did they have the hospital bed I needed, the rate was reasonable, they provided it when I needed it..I highly recommend them and will use them again if the need for medical equipment arises again.

Barbara Teague

This business has the best customer service I have experienced in a very long time. They carry a wide range of supplies and helped me tremendously! Very convenient location as well.

Ellen Leo-Wood

1714 West 18th Street

Houston, TX 77008

(713) 880-4000

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