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4 Best Bath Safety Products

Shower Bench, Commode, Toilet Risers, Bath Benches

Bath safety is becoming more and more of an issue for the elderly around the world. Slippery floors, struggle to bend down on that low toilet and then the hazard of falling in the shower! This is why we’ve come up with 4 bath safety products that you or your loved ones may need in their home.

1. Toilet Riser

Although a toilet riser and a commode are two different items, they have a similar concept for the end-user. A toilet riser is basically an attachment that you install on top of a toilet to prevent yourself from trying to squat too low to use the toilet. They come in different thickness and styles to help the user pick the best preference for their situation. You can also buy them with or without handles for support.

You might have to know if your toilet is “elongated” or “standard” in order to pick the right one for you. We’d measure the inside and outside widths of your current toilet seat to find out. Some risers will require removal of the current toilet seat and installation from the back and others provide a locking mechanism in the front for tool-free installation.

2. Bedside Commode

A bedside commode is basically it’s own toilet! Most commodes can handle up to 400lbs in weight but if you are heavier, we’d suggest looking at “bariatric commodes” which can go up to 600lbs or higher. Commodes can be used for 3 things at once:

  • They can serve as an elevated toilet seat when placed above an existing toilet with its adjustable legs.

  • Can be used as a toilet safety frame with its attached rails

  • You can also use it at your bedside as its own portable toilet (bucket and seat included)

3. Shower Chairs

These will be your basic bath benches that are typically sold as with or without back. We’d recommend purchasing benches/chairs with a back because the back is usually removable so you eliminate the need of purchasing another shower chair if you decide you need a back in the future. The back is simply for support and we would not recommend leaning back on it to avoid from tipping over.

Other choices of bath benches may include shower chairs with arms which typically have removable backs and arms. These will be great for people who need the extra support of pushing themselves up to get in and out of the chair. All shower chairs should have non-slid rubber feet to help them stabilize in your shower or bathtub.

4. Tub Transfer Bench

Transfer benches are very useful for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the tub. They are designed so that half of the bench is placed outside of the tub and the other half is placed inside. This allows the user to be able to sit on the outside first and carefully lift their legs above the tub while seated and then slide over to the inside of the tub for use as a regular bath bench. They typically have a handrail that is attached towards the inside portion of the bench.


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