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3 Cool Products To Help Put Your Socks On

Sock Aids, Stocking Donners, Compression Socks

Have you ever had trouble putting your socks on? You might be thinking wow, who would have trouble with such an easy task but believe it or not, putting on regular or compression socks can become frustrating for seniors, pregnant mothers, people with arthritis or anyone with limited mobility in their hands or legs. Many people who wear compression stockings for their varicose veins or swelling can definitely feel the frustration of trying to get those incredibly tight socks on by themselves.

Some people may have some assistance to help get them on but what about the independent citizens of this country?! If you are one of those people who know how frustrating this task can be for either yourself or a loved one then you will definitely want to know about these products and if they will be helpful for you.

Before the countdown we'd like to mention that these products are not guaranteed to work for every type of person but they are definitely worth the look if you have not considered them before. The different types of “sock aids” will be based on preference and reviews may vary.

1. Deluxe Sock Aid w/ Foam Handles

This particular sock aid is great for someone who may have the inability to reach down and bend over to put their socks on. It is a very simple design and the foam pad that you put the sock over is firm enough to keep your socks from falling off before trying to completely pull them up. It comes with an attached string that is very flexible and has foam handles at the opposite ends to provide a stronger grip and support.

This sock aid is not entirely recommended for people who wear compression stockings but depending on your level of strength it may still provide some assistance for a more mild form of compression around 8-15mmHg or even 15-20mmHg. This sock aid will work for both men and women and can also work with ankle high socks. The flexible strings can be adjusted for length as well and a easy to follow instruction guide is included with the packaging.

2. Jobst Stocking Donner

This stocking donner is actually one of our more favorite types of sock aids because they’re intended specifically for the use of compression stockings. Other sock aids sometimes mention that they can work well with compression stockings but don’t always live up to the hype. This is why Jobst, a top leader in manufacturing compression garments came out with a product that is intended for the tight compression of these stockings.

This stocking donner is built with a tough steel material to be able to hold the compression of the stocking when applying over its frame. It also provides the user with foam grip handles for easier support when pulling the stocking up. We have personally used this stocking donner before and can say that it does work better than any other product we've tried for compression stockings. However, we will say again that not all people will get the hang of this product right away because it does come with a learning curve like many of the others. We'd say it works best with knee-high compression stockings but can also be used for thigh-high stockings as well!

3. Jobst Medical Donning Gloves

Here’s something new compared to your usual sock aids! The Jobst Medical Donning Gloves are gloves made from 100% cotton and have a special blue latex coating to grip the hosiery and position the fabric exactly where it needs to be. These gloves will basically provide a level of support to help push your stockings up after you have already got them on.

We would say these are intended mostly for the use of compression stockings and have a similar feel to gardening gloves. If you already have gardening gloves or some type of glove with that similar grip then try those first and see if they work! No point in spending money on something you might already have for this one. These gloves only come in a size small or medium but the medium is intended to fit most large.


We hope you found some of these products useful and we’d like to mention that these products were chosen based on our opinion and other customer reviews. If you have any questions regarding these products then you can contact us below.


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