Oxygen Supplies in Houston

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Oxygen E Tank

A purchase of a single oxygen tank is $120. A full setup of an oxygen tank will include a regulator, oxygen tubing & a key.

Tank: $120

Full Setup: $195

Refills: $20

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Home Oxygen


Home oxygen concentrators will be very popular due to their continuous flow of oxygen without needing to charge or refill. This concentrator will be the best option for sleep and home-use. The flow rate will range from 1 to 5.


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Portable Oxygen


Portable oxygen concentrators have been trending for a while now due to their portability and light structure. Although only pulse-dose this concentrator will allow for 1 to 5 flow rate and is FAA approved for airline travel.

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10L Oxygen

A 10 liter oxygen concentrator will work the same way as a standard 5 liter concentrator but will go up to a higher setting of 10 for users who need a higher flow of oxygen.

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Oxygen Regulator

These small devices are required for the ability to dispense oxygen from the tank and through the tubing. They will typically range from a 1-15 liter flow.


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Oxygen Mask

We carry both oxygen masks and nasal cannulas for the same price.


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Oxygen Cart

If you are looking to keep your oxygen tank safe and secure then purchase this useful tank cart. You can roll it around for easy portability.


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Dog Oxygen

Find out more information about the services we offer for dog oxygen

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Finger Pulse Oximeter

These portable devices are great to monitor your pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels on the go. Typically come with batteries


Oxygen Tanks in Houston

Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen supplies in Houston, Texas can be difficult to find. At Complete Medical Supply, oxygen tanks are typically the most common or talked about forms of oxygen. In this form, oxygen is stored inside a cylinder and intended to be inhaled by the user at a pressure setting prescribed by their doctor. Oxygen tanks in Houston can come in different sizes and capacities. The most common capacity is 680 liters which classifies as an 'E' tank. This size is around 29 inches from the ground and gives a balance between portability and capacity. 

In order to use the oxygen tank, you will need a few accessories which include an oxygen regulator, key & nasal cannula tubing. Oxygen tanks will also provide a continuous flow of oxygen between 1-15 liters per minute but will only last a few minutes to hours depending on the flow rate. Watch the video on the left to get a better understanding of how oxygen tanks work.

Oxygen Concentrators in Houston

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Home Oxygen Concentrators

Home oxygen concentrators in Houston can be hard to understand. Lucky for you they're our favorite oxygen devices because they provide a continuous flow of oxygen and allow for 24 hour use. As the name states, they're intended to be used at home and require to be plugged in to a power source. Home oxygen concentrators are a great option for users who need oxygen for long periods of time and also to sleep throughout the night.

Home oxygen concentrators typically have a flow rate between 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 liters per minute. For this device you just need a power source and an oxygen mask. It works as simple as on & off. Home oxygen concentrators also come with the option to attach a humidifier bottle so that the oxygen isn't as dry coming out. If you're looking for home oxygen concentrators in Houston then look no further than our showroom in the Heights.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators in Houston have gained a lot of popularity for those who want to leave the house and still have freedom to do the things they love. Many users can take portable oxygen concentrators on flights and travel with them local or internationally. These concentrators typically go up to only 6 liters per minute of oxygen but have a pulse-dose mechanism to conserve battery life. This means that every time the user takes a breathe in, that's when the oxygen is released. There are portable oxygen concentrators that can provide continuous flow of oxygen as well but they can be much more expensive and their battery may not last as long.

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Whether you're looking for oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators in Houston, Texas we have you covered! Our staff is very knowledgable and experienced with oxygen. We know how to safely use these devices and can easily show you too. If you need oxygen for your pets then visit this page below or call us for more information!

Note: If this is your first time using our oxygen services then make sure to bring a copy of your doctor's prescription.


Oxygen Supplies in Houston